Terms and Conditions / Terms and Conditions (as of June 2018) (FOR NON-US CITIZENS) *Only the German version of the Terms is legally binding.*

(As of December 2017)

Respectfully Dear Members, we are informing you that we will not allow rental of our equipment from a member as soon as we are aware that this rent was financed in advance by a loan or loan! I ask all sponsors to keep this process in mind. We can only act preventively. If the facts come out later, the rental agreement (AGB) unfortunately remains valid!

§1. Preamble

The Sono Blockchain Foundation – hereafter referred to as the “Foundation” – was incorporated under English law, based in Manchester and governed by the laws of England and Wales. The purpose of the foundation is the development and research in the field of mining technologies. This includes both the hardware technology and the required software development.

The objective of the foundation and its stakeholders – hereinafter referred to as “members” – is to provide cosmopolitan citizens with the technology of crypto “currencies” and to make them accessible in an understandable way, the necessary equipment and – if desired – a well-founded and to provide practice-oriented training. Furthermore, the member will also be provided with the necessary information material – insofar as this is agreed with the member and is required from the perspective of the Foundation. However, a legal claim can not be derived from this on the part of the member vis-à-vis the foundation.

The Foundation has no control over the management of any cryptographic currency or its future performance of the crypto-currency (s). The Foundation only provides the necessary technical “know-how”, including the contractually agreed equipment in the form of the hardware or software as well as current information and online webinars, information chats.

The Foundation is constantly researching the blockchain technology sector and provides this knowledge to the member in the form of hardware or software.

The Foundation does not provide services in the financial sector (financial services), such as Purchase and sale, administration, etc. of crypto currencies and / or financial commissions, exchange, etc. No financial transactions and / or investment transactions under the Investment Act are carried out neither in their own name nor on behalf of third parties nor are they brokered or realized in any other form.

Each member will be provided by the Foundation its own virtual back-office, which is personalized, for a one-time processing fee / set-up fee of 150.00 €. Through this back office, the member can manage the cryptographic currency (s) in their own name and for their own account.

§2 General regulations / registration

Membership can only be made possible by recommendation of another registered member. Each member will have access to his own back-office after registering via the

Link: https://flexisono.com

A direct registration with the “Sono Blockchain Foundation” is not possible.

The natural person interested in a membership must be of legal age. A legal entity has to verify itself with us as having all necessary documents. Simple registration with the Foundation does not entitle you to a commission payment to the Foundation. Only the legally valid order and the acceptance of the order by the Foundation as well as the subsequent payment of the registration fee will lead to the membership. The one-time set-up fee is 150.00 Euro and is due and payable immediately after registration. A repayment claim of the set-up fee of 150,00 Euro of the member towards the foundation is excluded.

Due to the provision of the Money Laundering Act, the member is obliged to inform the Foundation of all relevant personal data such as passport copy, invoice with confirmation of address. This also applies to the legal representatives of a legal entity.

§3. Protection of your personal information

The Foundation will take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information of the members that the member passes on to the Foundation is stored securely and only for as long as necessary for the purposes indicated. The personal data is stored in our own storage facilities. Please inform us of any change in personal information so we can keep our records up to date. Please also inform us if you wish the deletion of your personal data.

§4. Privacy Policy

The use of personal data takes place in accordance with our privacy policy. The member provides us with personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, DSGVO 2018 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC) Regulations (2011).

If a video clip is being played by an interested party or member, data may be transmitted to YouTube.

The Member agrees and agrees in this regard that the Foundation will process such information for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations under this Agreement (User Agreement) and for administrative purposes within the relationship.

§5. Consent to the electronic transmission of confirmations and data

The member hereby expressly agrees that information of any kind may be sent to him either by e-mail or by post.

§ 6. bonuses

We can offer our members monetary bonuses for promotional purposes. The cash bonuses can vary. These cash bonuses apply to our two product ranges, HDD Mining and Flexi Mining. Calculated according to the rented volume on our machines. The active member has insight into the current marketing plan. This is located in the respective personal back office.

These awards serve to promote our concept or recommend it to third parties.

However, these advertising measures must be agreed with the Foundation and must be made only in the name and for the account of the member. Or the member uses the “Landing Page” provided and verified by the Sono Blockchain Foundation.

The Foundation provides – at any time – revocable Weminare for recruitment and training, videos and other information.

About the respective premiums, which are in connection with the advertising measures, the members are informed accordingly, about the current marketing plan.

The Sono Blockchain Foundation does not work with so-called matrix or binary
Systems. We have decided on a linear compensation plan
choose. Here, commissions are paid to the 6th depth, plus various
Bonuses. Performance-related and yet simple is the design.

The Sono Blockchain Foundation pays the commissions in “real time” on the personal account of the member. It can then be transferred directly to the individual account of 2pay4you the payment, for further disposal.

The marketing plan is shown separately in the personalized “back office”.
Each member is responsible for his rented TB / Shares, Flexi / Shares. The member has to take care that the place-customary tax is paid by him for his remuneration. Each member also ensures that under certain circumstances necessary commercial registration (s) are available. The Sono Blockchain Foundation reserves the right to adapt the marketing plan to market developments at any time.

§ 7. Products

The Foundation offers the “mining / mining” of coins, with the help of HDD technology and provides the necessary hardware and software as well as the corresponding information / s in the form of the http://pool.burstcoin.space member to disposal.

The Member may, at any time, have in its entirety the income of the “Mining / Mining” in the form of “Mined” Coins via the personalized Burst Wallet Account.

The foundation offers its members another mining project.

This is done using a completely different technology. This hardware and its specialized software is able to mine / mine the highest-yielding coins daily for up to 70 different coins daily.

The proceeds from this mining process are paid out to each member in Bitcoin.

The power to dispose of the paid and paid coins is due to the member himself due to the software provided to him.

The Foundation does not guarantee for a certain / fixed income from the “mine / mining” by means of the hardware provided software.

A refund claim of the rent to the Foundation does not exist. The rent is payable in advance for a period of 1095 days per terabyte of HDD mining and 730 days and from 15.03.2019 500 days of flexi-mining. The lease ends automatically after the agreed rental period. A special notice is not required.

The personal income is displayed in the back office. At the request of the member, these coins will be paid out on wallets of their own choice.

§8th. Payment and invoicing

According to the current status (November 2017), MINING / scrapping of cryptocurrencies is almost exempt from local value added tax worldwide. This also applies in particular to the product “Cloud Mining”.

The member is, however, obliged to examine or by a e.g. To have tax consultants check whether and which tax obligations are to be met by him. Furthermore, possible trade law obligations, such as Business registration by the member.

This note does not replace any tax advice.

§ 9. Events of Force Majeure

An event of force majeure for the computer rented by the member at the Foundation or any other equipment used to “mine / mine” the Coins is subject to the following circumstances:

Any measure, event or circumstance (including but not limited to such occurrences as a riot, strike or civil unrest, terrorist attacks, industrial action, measure and regulation of any government or supranational authority or oversight, affecting the performance of the computer equipment or otherwise Restricting technical equipment eg due to power failure by third parties etc.,
failure or failure of computer equipment or failure of electronic or communications equipment, or,
the non-fulfillment of obligations of a third party, etc.
In the event of a force majeure event, the Foundation shall not be liable to the Member or any other person for any financial disadvantages suffered in connection with the “mining / mining”.

There are special technical know-how (computer hardware, hard disk, etc., or other equipment) for “mining / mining” of coins required. For this reason, the foundation works only with certified contractor companies that fulfill the necessary prerequisites and, in this context, also stand for a long-term guarantee based on the high technical standard.

§10. Termination, termination

Membership may be terminated by the member as follows:

In cloud mining, the term of the terabyte rent is 730 days and from 15.03.2019 500 days.

In the field of flexi-mining, the rental period is 730 days.

Membership may be terminated by the Foundation if:

The member of a due payment fails to meet on time.
the member dies, becomes incompetent, unable to meet the existing liabilities to the Foundation.
Unfair competition
Disregard of the Terms
If the member passes on or otherwise makes available to third parties data, information, training material or information provided to him in any other way without the written consent of the Foundation. The dissemination or provision of data, information etc. is only permitted with the express written consent of the Foundation. In the event of infringements, the Foundation expressly reserves the right to assert a contractual penalty of € 5,000 (per individual case).

In disputes, these can only be resolved through the intervention of a London Court of Arbitration (LCIA) in London, Fleet Street 70. The determination of the arbitral tribunal rests with the partner1. The way to ordinary jurisdiction can only be taken if no agreement could be reached at the arbitral tribunal. In this case, the competent court in the London district is competent.